APPLICATION OF RECORD: The application submitted by the program to the ARC- PA office is considered the program’s application of record.  It is one component of the official program record used by the commission throughout the accreditation review process. Site visitors have been instructed not to accept any new or revised application materials from the program at the time of the visit.  If, during the process of the visit, the site visitors suggest additional information or materials be submitted to the ARC-PA office, these materials should be sent with the program’s response to observations.

RESPONSIBILITY: The institution and program are responsible for following directions about submitting application appendices and having documents available at the time of the site visit. Directions for which documents are to be submitted as part of the application, and which available at the time of the visit are found within the accreditation application. Programs should contact the ARC-PA if they have any questions about the forms or materials.

APPLICATION MATERIALS SPECIAL NOTE: There are no actual application materials posted on this web site. Application packets are sent to programs according to the agenda at which they will be reviewed by the ARC-PA. Programs will have their materials at least one year in advance of the date the completed application is due to the ARC-PA.

To assist programs in working on components of the application and SSR’s, SAMPLE applications in pdf format are provided below. The SAMPLES should allow programs to begin drafting wording to the required questions in a word document. These are SAMPLES, not for use as actual applications.

This sample was updated November 2021 and is based on the 3rd Edition Clinical Postgraduate Standards.

Sample PostGrad Provisional Application

Programs should contact the ARC-PA if they have any questions about the application components.

Materials on Site : The list of required materials to be available on site during all visits is available as a component of the application to include a paper copy of the complete application submitted by the program electronically 12 weeks prior to the site visit. The application must be IDENTICAL to the electronic copy, with no edits and/or updates.

IMPORTANT SOFTWARE NOTE TO PROGRAMS: (2.2021) All application documents, templates, change forms and reports due to the ARC-PA are developed in Microsoft Office 2019 and may not be compatible with Office 2007 and earlier.   Programs are urged to plan accordingly.

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