Clinical Postgraduate Programs* interested in applying for accreditation must inform the ARC-PA by submitting the Postgraduate Applicant Information Form.  Upon receipt of this notification the program will be placed on a subcommission agenda and will receive an official application. The ARC-PA Post Graduate Accreditation Sub-Commission will review the program’s applications and determine whether the program may be awarded Provisional Accreditation.

If the program is awarded Provisional Accreditation, the program will be scheduled for a more thorough review and determination of Continued Accreditation status. This subsequent review will include an additional application, self-study report and site visit. The information obtained through this process will be reviewed by the subcommission and an accreditation determination will be made.

Flowchart of the Accreditation Process

*Institutions with multiple clinical postgraduate programs will need to undergo separate accreditation processes for each program in which it seeks accreditation.

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