The ARC-PA Commissioners for the Clinical Postgraduate Sub-Commission are elected by the ARC-PA from a slate of nominees submitted by the ARC-PA collaborating organizations.

The most recent version of the commissioner responsibilities is available here as a pdf document.

Current Commissioners for the Clinical Postgraduate Sub-Commission

Commissioner's NameNominated ByTerm EndsTerm
James L. Brand, MDAt Large6.30.25First Term
Meredith Davison, PhD, MPH - CHAIRARC-PA
6.1.22First Term
Cragin W. Greene, MHA, PA-CAPPAP6.1.22First Term
Debbie Hettler, OD, MPH, FAAOAt Large6.1.22First Term
Virginia Hilton, PA-CAASPA
6.1.22First Term
Benjamin K. Kocher, DSc, MPAS, PA-CPhysician Assistants in Orthopedic Surgery 9.30.24First Term
Peter D. Kuemmel MS, PA-C – VICE CHAIRARC-PA
6.1.22First Term
Paul Mochmer, DSc-EM, PA-CSociety of Emergencey Medince PAs (SEMPA)9.30.24First Term
Elaine F. Molaison, Ph. D., RD
Public6.30.24First Term
Christopher Newman, MBA, PA-CPhysician Assistant Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM)9.30.24First Term
Lisa A Rotellini-Coltvet, MA, MMS, PA-CThe Association of Postgraduate Programs (APPAP)6.30.25First Term
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