No, the suggested evidence of compliance and performance indicators are just that: suggestions for how programs can demonstrate compliance with the Standards. They are not mandatory or exclusive lists and programs should feel free to submit other documentation in addition to or instead of the suggested evidence.
The Standards require that programs must inform and receive approval required from the ARC-PA using forms and processes developed by the ARC-PA no less than six months prior to implementation of a proposed change in maximum entering class size of any number of students for any reason.

The ARC-PA does allow programs to temporarily increase class size without review by the ARC-PA when the increase is transient and required to accommodate a unique situation such as students delayed in progress through the program. However,  programs needing to make this accommodation must notify the ARC-PA.  This flexibility is not designed to encourage a program to recruit beyond its approved maximum entering class size.  These increases DO NOT modify or reset the ARC-PA approved class size.  They are not meant to be continually increased in successive years. The maximum entering class size is approved by the ARC-PA upon review of the program during a comprehensive review or after a change request from the program.

Forms related to reporting proposed changes to the ARC-PA are available in the Change Forms section of this site.

When in doubt about the meaning of a standard, contact Accreditation Services by email.  
Anyone with comments related to the Standards may provide their comments to the ARC-PA national office. The ARC-PA has a standing committee that reviews and evaluates the Standards and comments received related to them. Clarification and changes to wording of the Standards to provide clarification can be made by the commission at any ARC-PA meeting. Substantial changes to the Standards are made every ten years. 
The Annotation for C2.01 of the Standards indicates that the “ARC-PA expects results of ongoing self-assessment to include …….. student exit and/or graduate evaluations of the program.” It is up to the program to determine what information/data is best collected for ongoing self-assessment.
Standard A3.09 states that “principal faculty, the program director and the medical director must not participate as health care providers for students in the program, except in an emergency situation.” Standard A3.09 does not exclude the possibility of instructional faculty (including preceptors) as health care providers for students, unless of course the person serving as the preceptor is a principal faculty member of the program. It is important to read the definitions in the Standards.