ARC-PA Commissioners are elected by the ARC-PA from a slate of nominees submitted by the ARC-PA collaborating organizations. Commissioners initially serve a 3 year term and are eligible for reappointment for a second 3-year term. Commissioners begin their service January 1 and complete their terms December 31 of the years involved. At Large commissioners are elected for a single 3-year term and are not eligible for re-election.

The most recent version of the commissioner responsibilities is available here as a pdf document.

Current Commissioners

Commissioner's NameNominated ByTerm EndsTerm
Ralitsa Akins, MD, PhDAMA12.31.24Second Term
Wallace D. Boeve, EdD, PA-CDean12.31.24First Term
Anthony Brenneman, MPAS, PA-C - CHAIRPAEA12.31.24Second Term
Darwin Brown, MPH, PA-CAt Large12.31.24Second Term
Lorilee H. Butler, DHSc, M. Ed, MPAS, PA-CAt Large12.31.24First Term
DeShana G. Collett Ph. D, PA-CAt Large12.31.24First Term
Diane M. Duffy, MD, FAAPAAP12.31.22First Term
Walid A. Harb, MD, FACPACP
12.31.22Second Term
Michelle Heinan, EdD, PA-CPAEA12.31.24Second Term
Janice Herbert-Carter, MD, MGA, FACPAMA12.31.23Second Term
Victoria Kaprielian, MD, FAAFPAAFP12.31.24First Term
Grace P. Landel, M. Ed, PA-C, DFAAPAAt Large12.31.24First Term
Maha B. Lund, DHSc, PA-C, DFAAPAAt Large12.31.23First Term
Matthew A. McQuillan, MS, PA-C, DFAAPAAt Large12.31.23Second Term
Kim Meyer, PhD, MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA - VICE CHAIRAAPA12.31.24First Term
Wade A. Nilson, EdD, MPAS, PA-CAAPA12.31.22First Term
Daniel O’Donoghue, Ph.D., PA-C, DFAAPA - SECRETARYAAPA12.31.22Second Term
Amy M. Pick, Pharm D., MS, BCOPPublic12.31.22First Term
Susan Salashshor, PhD, PA-C, DFAAPAPAEA12.31.24First Term
Brian B. Shulman, PhD, CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow, FASAHP, FNAP -TREASURERPublic12.31.24First Term
Marvin Sparrell, MPAS, PA-CAt Large12.31.24First Term
Linda Speer, MD, FAAFPAAFP12.31.22First Term
Christine W. Thorpe, EdD, Ed.M., CHESPublic12.31.24First Term