Institutions investigating starting a PA program should review the Provisional section of this web site and contact the ARC-PA for more information.

The ARC-PA accredits only qualified PA programs offered by, or located within institutions chartered by and physically located within, the United States and where students are geographically located within the United States for their education.

A single institution must be clearly identified as the sponsor of the program. Sponsoring institutions applying for provisional accreditation of a new PA program must be authorized under applicable law to provide a program of post-secondary education.  They must be accredited by, and in good standing with, a recognized regional accrediting agency and must be authorized by that agency to confer upon graduates of the PA program a graduate degree.

Questions about completing the application for accreditation should be emailed to Accreditation Services in the ARC-PA national office (770-476-1224).
Programs pursing accreditation should not matriculate enrolled students until they have been granted provisional accreditation. In addition, prior to achieving provisional accreditation, the program must agree to inform, in writing, everyone who requests information, applies, or plans to enroll that the program is not yet accredited and must convey the implications of non-accreditation to applicants.
Faculty positions may be posted on the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) web site by member or developing programs.
The ARC-PA recognizes that writing instructional objectives that effectively guide student learning is no easy task. The ARC-PA has developed a guide that may be of help to you in developing your syllabi and objectives, describing competencies, and writing syllabi. This document is updated periodically and is available on the Accreditation Resources page of this web site.

To initiate the provisional accreditation process, a representative of the proposed sponsoring institution must contact the ARC-PA to verify institutional eligibility. After determining the program’s eligibility, the ARC-PA provides the program information on the application process and timeline for consideration.
Those needing to change the date for a scheduled site visit should contact the ARC-PA Director of Accreditation Services with such a request as soon as such a need is known. Due to the fact that site visitors are volunteers and that the scheduling of site visits is a complex process, programs changing the dates of their visit after they have been confirmed will likely lose flexibility in rescheduling in terms of dates. In addition, programs requesting such changes may incur charges related to the changing of travel plans. Also, programs that cancel their site visit evaluation within sixty (60) days of their scheduled visit will be responsible for any and all non-refundable expenses associated with the visit that have been incurred by the ARC-PA.