The following is an excerpt from a memo sent March 13, 2020 to all program directors at currently accredited PA programs. The complete memo can be found in the program’s portal email correspondence.

At its March 2020 meeting the Commission evaluated the effectiveness of the feedback provided to programs on the self-study report (SSR) submitted two – three years prior to its comprehensive review. As a result, the Commission determined that feedback on SSRs submitted prior to the program’s validation visit will end, December 31, 2020. Programs currently holding SSR three year out materials will have the option of submitting that SSR for feedback. See memo sent to all program directors via the program’s portal for details.

In place of the SSR feedback letter, the ARC-PA will hold interactive workshops on application of the elements of data analysis and documentation of the ongoing self-assessment process and results.  In the workshop participants will actively engage in writing a portion of their own Self-Study Report required of programs undergoing accreditation review with the Standards, 5th edition. Information about the first workshop is posted on the ARC-PA website and registration is open now.

If you have questions about this change in process, please contact accreditation services at