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Notes to Programs:

The Notes to Programs are now included in the Newsletters above. Programs should read these as well as past Notes documents available below. Over time policies and procedures change. Older versions of the Notes remain on the website.

The Notes to Programs SSR Summer 2016 and Notes to Programs SSR edition from the spring of 2015 are available for programs. These Notes to Programs include important information for all programs, as it addresses issues related to the SSR required with applications and the SSR two-three years before a validation visit.

Fall 2018 Notes
Summer 2018 Notes
Spring 2018 Notes
Fall 2017 Notes
Spring 2017 Notes
Fall 2016 Notes
Spring 2016 Notes
Fall 2015 Notes
Spring 2015 Notes
Spring 2015 – Notes to Provisional Applicant Programs
Fall 2014 Notes
Spring 2014 Notes
Fall 2013 Notes
Spring 2013 Notes
Fall 2012 Notes
Spring 2012 Notes

Portal Pointers are sent to programs and posted on our website periodically during the year.  The most recent version which includes a reminder about the Annual Report, is available here.