Accreditation Manual

The Accreditation Manual for the fourth edition

The Accreditation Manual for the fifth edition

The Accreditation Manual includes the Standards along with suggested evidence of compliance and performance indicators, and clarifying comments to help guide programs in their self assessment of compliance with the Standards. Polices related to the accreditation process are also included in this manual.

Program Expectations

The power point slide handout on Program Expectations, originally presented at PAEA in 2013, has been renamed and updated to reflect the March 2018 changes to the Standards.

Analysis and the SSR

The Data Analysis Resource (February 2020) document addressing the components of data analysis as they relate to the Standards, 5th edition and Self-Study Report is available here.

The presentation on Completing the Self-Study Report originally given at the 2017 PAEA Forum can be found here.

Syllabi, Competencies, Objectives

The ARC-PA has developed Syllabi and Objectives Manual Standards 4th_edition, a document to provide a brief description of the role of the syllabus, and the similarities and differences between instructional objectives and competencies. While the document is dated 2010, the date of the 4th edition of the Standards, it is reviewed by staff yearly for content.

Conducting and Writing a Feasibility Study

The ARC-PA has developed a resource for institutions and individuals considering planning a new PA program: Conducting and Writing a Feasibility Study. Ideally a feasibility study should be conducted several years before an institution approaches the ARC-PA to request placement on an accreditation agenda. The study should be used to verify that the institution is capable of offering the program of study and meeting the accreditation requirements. Waiting to determine feasibility of success until well into program planning is too late.