SCPE Directions

Directions for entering data into the SCPE tab of the Portal are available here. This same document also contains directions for downloading a report from the SCPE tab to submit with program required reports to the ARC-PA about numbers and types of clinical sites used for SCPEs..

 Analysis and the SSR

The Data Analysis Resource (May 2015) document addressing the components of data analysis as they relate to the Standards, 4th edition and, Self-Study Report, is available here!

PANCE Required Report

The ARC-PA reviews the PANCE first time pass rate percentages by student cohort.  Any program with a PANCE pass rate percentage of 85% or less for its 2017 cohort, must submit an analysis of its PANCE performance to the ARC-PA by July 1, 2018. In  any year that the PANCE pass rate for first time takers by cohort for that year has a pass rate percentage of 85% or less, the program must submit an analysis of PANCE performance by July 1 of the following year.  The NCCPA will provide programs their previous year’s data in February of each year. The focus for the report will be the ARC-PA’s Four Key Elements of Analysis included in the Data Analysis Resource. Data related to PANCE outcomes should include but is not limited to correlation of PANCE outcomes and:

  • Admissions criteria as predictors of success
  • Individual course performance
  • Course and instructor evaluations
  • Program expectations, instructional objectives, learning outcomes and breadth and depth of curriculum
  • Student summative performance (Summative examination and other comprehensive exam results).
  • Remediation programs and results
  • Attrition criteria and data for cohort being reviewed
  • Feedback from students who were unsuccessful on PANCE
  • Preceptor feedback (alumni and employer feedback is not required but may be helpful if available to programs)

The PANCE Required report format for 2018 is available here.

 Responding to ARC-PA Observations or Citations

The Accreditation Manual, in addition to presenting information on interpreting and complying with the Standards, contains important information about ARC-PA policies and procedures. It includes content about responding to observations or citations. Programs are to follow directions in correspondence and documents from the ARC-PA about how to submit reports and materials to the ARC-PA.

 The Standards Degree Deadline Issue

The ARC-PA has developed a document to provide clarification about the masters degree requirement as described in the Standards, 4th edition. This document addresses expectations for all programs that do not yet confer a graduate degree.