Accredited Programs

Accredited Clinical Postgraduate PA Programs

updated 6.2016

The eight ARC-PA accredited clinical postgraduate PA programs are listed below, alphabetically by state, along with information on their accreditation status and timing of next scheduled accreditation action. Clicking in the State column should open the program’s or institution’s web page. Specific address information for programs can be found on their individual web sites.

The ARC-PA has placed the accreditation process for clinical postgraduate PA programs in abeyance while it studies a different type of process to recognize program educational quality. During this review period, the programs below remain accredited and their next reviews will be scheduled at a later date.

Accredited Program
Date First Accredited
Next ARC-PA Review
AZMayo Clinic School of Health Sciences –
Postgraduate PA ENT Residency
AZMayo Clinic School of Health Sciences –
Postgraduate PA Hospital Internal Medicine Residency
CAArrowhead Orthopedics
Postgraduate PA Orthopedics Residency
IAUniversity of Iowa
Postgraduate PA Emergency Medicine Residency
MDJohns Hopkins Hospital Department of Surgery Postgraduate PA Surgical Residency3/2008TBD
NCDuke University Medical Center Postgraduate PA Surgical Residency9/2008TBD
TXMD Anderson Cancer Center Postgraduate PA Program in Oncology3/2008TBD
VANaval Medical Center (Portsmouth) Postgraduate PA Program in Orthopedics9/2010TBD

Clinical postgraduate programs are formal educational programs that offer structured curricula, including didactic and clinical components, to educate NCCPA eligible or certified PA’s for a defined period of time in preparation for practice in a medical or surgical specialty. Programs typically involve full time study of 12-24 months duration and follow several models including fellowships, graduate degree programs, and residency programs. Graduate degree programs and masters completion programs without a strong focus on clinical education in a recognized clinical specialty discipline are not included in this definition.