Clinical Postgraduate PA Program Accreditation in Abeyance

The current accreditation process for Clinical Postgraduate PA programs is being held in abeyance. Abeyance applies to those programs with the status of Accreditation – Clinical Postgraduate Program as well as those that have received correspondence with a formal timeline to attain accreditation by the commission.

Accreditation of clinical postgraduate programs is voluntary; it is one method of external validation and assessment of quality. The additional specialty education and training obtained by participation in formal postgraduate PA programs or residencies is not required for successful physician-PA teams to provide specialty medical and/or surgical care. The ARC-PA understands that the accreditation process, as it currently exists, is labor and resource intensive for programs and may not be the first priority for the program’s sponsoring institution. Due to other responsibilities in patient care and workload, program directors may not be able to devote 100 percent of their time and ability to the development and maintenance of a successful program.

The ARC-PA convened a work group to discuss alternative methods of recognition of educational quality for Clinical Postgraduate PA programs. As more information is available it will be posted on this web page.

The ARC-PA is not accepting any new programs into the accreditation process. All determinations of clinical postgraduate PA program eligibility, curriculum reviews and administrative reviews are suspended pending the results of the work group’s report. Programs are advised to retain any materials they have in process until the results of the process review are available.

Currently accredited programs  remain listed as accredited programs on the ARC-PA web page, pending the outcome of further study by the commission. Annual fees will not be billed during this period.  A listing of accredited clinical postgraduate programs is below.

Accredited Program
Date First Accredited
Next ARC-PA Review
AZMayo Clinic School of Health Sciences –
Postgraduate PA ENT Residency
AZMayo Clinic School of Health Sciences –
Postgraduate PA Hospital Internal Medicine Residency
CAArrowhead Orthopedics
Postgraduate PA Orthopedics Residency
IAUniversity of Iowa
Postgraduate PA Emergency Medicine Residency
MDJohns Hopkins Hospital Department of Surgery Postgraduate PA Surgical Residency3/2008TBD
NCDuke University Medical Center Postgraduate PA Surgical Residency9/2008TBD
TXMD Anderson Cancer Center Postgraduate PA Program in Oncology3/2008TBD
VANaval Medical Center (Portsmouth) Postgraduate PA Program in Orthopedics9/2010TBD

Special Note about Annual Report

Accredited Clinical Postgraduate PA programs  are asked to update and maintain as current their portal data in all tabs except the budget tab. All data entered should be accurate. Not all data is applicable to clinical postgraduate programs, i.e., PANCE outcomes.

There will be no annual report SUBMIT button on the portal dashboard.

Since the accreditation process for Clinical Postgraduate PA programs is currently in abeyance there will be NO annual fees due to the ARC-PA during the time of abeyance and currently accredited programs remain listed as accredited on the ARC-PA web page.

Accredited programs should continue to submit change forms as needed to remain in compliance with the accreditation Standards.