Self-analysis and the Self-Study Report (SSR)

Programs applying for accreditation are required to provide documentation of an ongoing self-study process, following ARC-PA guidelines. Self-study is a formal, structured, critical, self-evaluation process which longitudinally examines the program’s structure and substance; evaluates the program’s overall effectiveness relative to its stated goals and objectives; identifies program strengths and weaknesses; and delineates a specific plan for necessary and desired modifications and improvements. There should be evidence of involvement of the appropriate constituencies in the self-analysis process, including representatives of the administrative staff of the program and its sponsoring institution, teaching faculty, preceptors, graduates, students, and others as needed. The Self-Study Report (SSR), is the document detailing the process and the findings, and is submitted as an appendix of the continuing accreditation application.

Programs with the accreditation status of Accreditation-Continued submit an SSR everal years in advance of their validation visit.  Feedback on this study with specific commission expectations about future SSRs are conveyed to the programs.  This feedback is used to customize the validation site visit agenda for the subsequent validation visit.

Programs are advised to review the ARC-PA Data Analysis Document on the Resources page.